Tiahni Adamson

Tiahni is speaking into a microphone and smiling. She has long wavy brown hair and is wearing a short sleeve light brown top, big earrings and bracelets.

About Tiahni:

I am a proud Torres Strait Islander woman descended from the Kaurareg Nations of Thursday Island. I'm a Wildlife Conservation Biologist and work on a variety of projects to nurture country, find solutions to our climate crisis and advocate for First Nations justice and land rights.  I lean on my special connection with our land to educate, advocate and nurture sustainable living practices on country and love spending time in communities, learning all I can and keeping culture strong.  

I work fulltime as the Lead Community Engagement Officer for CH4 Global - who research and foster sustainable seaweed aquaculture to positively impact climate change and have a goal of zero methane agriculture. I also lecture casually for UniSA, embedding First Nations knowledges into STEM careers; and am the state coordinator for Seed - a First Nations only run climate youth activism group. In 2019 I was trained by Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader, and regularly speak to a variety of audiences on decolonising systems, the severity of our climate crisis, impacts of climate change on First Nations communities, opportunities to decolonise science and nurture country using traditional land management practices, our individual ability to affect change and how to be an ally to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

I dream of solving our climate crisis through standing up for Indigenous Australia, facilitating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to manage their own country with our incredible 60,000+ years of knowledge. I hope to be a part of bettering our ecological crisis and fight for First Nations rights, where us First Nations people regain full independence of our own livelihoods.