Western Sydney University C-Pod

Social Media for Social Action is a Curiosity Pod (or C-Pod) from Western Sydney University's 21C Curriculum Project. It is open to all attendees at AYCC's Powershift Conference (23-25th September, 2022). It will run live during the conference and you can complete it in your own time during or after the event but before the end date of 15th Nov 2022. Upon completion, you can receive a digital badge as evidence of your training and skills development for use on platforms such as LinkedIn. This C-Pod interrogates what it means to live with digital technologies, and particularly social media platforms, and how we can harness them for social action and climate justice.

The C-Pod encourages you to consider your identity (or identities!) online, and reflect on your social media practices, orientating them towards action. We consider how our increasingly digitalised identities intersect with crises of pandemic, protests, climate change, and persistent social injustices.  This C-Pod encourages you to find your community, find your purpose and find your cause. Together, we will co-create good practices for leveraging digital platforms for identity formation, civic engagement, creativity, belonging, and social and climate justice.